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We help clients source the right opportunities

As an innovative start-up, Dealsmi is the only platform that provides a single solution to help clients search for new business opportunities, identify emerging sectors, expand globally.


  • Evaluation of financial deals activity to determine the volatility and potential of various industry sectors and markets
  • Access to live transactions across industries and regions
  • Access to 2,00,000+ transactions
  • Understand live deals activity and interpret deals momentum for live training sessions
  • Unlimited download access to excel and perform various recommended analytics and draw conclusions for your projects
  • Comparison and understand of the legal, business and market activity
  • Access to live and structured data to perform various analytics using IT tools
  • Derive charts and graphs of your own from the current and archive date
  • Predictive analysis based on available data
  • Learning scope for market data analytics
  • Real-time market data


  • Download up to 200,000 records and built your own analysis
  • Download data based on your search criteria
    • 1. By region
    • 2. By deal type
    • 3. By date range
    • 4. By industry
    • 5. By deal value
    • 6. By any combination of above 5


  • To identify new investment opportunities
  • Evaluate M&A deal activity to determine the volatility and potential of the market
  • Identify market potential and changing industry dynamics to reduce risk for your business
  • Make informed decisions pertaining to market entry strategies, investments and growth, feasibility and mapping opportunities
  • Gain trust and credibility with your prospects to win more business
  • Find new investment opportunities across one or multiple sectors
  • Identify potential business development opportunities in both developed and emerging markets
  • Maximize returns for investors and fund managers with consistent and comparable data points

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